Repair shop

We have our own Repair shop which have a lot of advantages for the customers.
1. We repair for a low cost. We do not have to go to brand repair shops like Honda or Yamaha.
2. We never exaggerate the price for the customers.
3. We can repair a motorbike very quick, we don´t have to wait and stand in a queue. often while you wait. In most of the cases if something happens, you just switch to another motorbike while we repair the one you had.
4. We make the annual service, oil change, checking the seat cover, tyre, handles, mirrors, brakes and suspensions. So you can feel safe when you rent a motorbike/scoter from us. Even though the motorbike is a couple of years old, we take care of them so they keep going and are safe.

By the way, Mike, our repair guy, is probably the best repairman on Phuket.
Welcome to Kamala where Mike´s Motorbike Service is located. If you have your own motorbike and need service, you are welcome. Location is at our Quickrental shop 2.

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