About us

Quickrental is a professional rental company since 2010. A Swedish owned company based in Kamala – Phuket. We provide scooters that is well served, working good, changed tyre, oil and so on. If the accident should be there somehow, we will help you with what we can. We also have our own repairshop, where we fix all our motorbikes by our self. We have around 80 motorbikes / scooters. No big motorbikes, just from 115-150 cc. Easy to drive but it will take you where you want to go. We have different models of scooters but mainly Honda and Yamaha. Some of them are smaller (Fino, scoopy) and some of them bigger (PCX, Nouvo) and some is medium size.

You can feel perfectly safe when renting from us. We are serving around 600 – 700 customers each year. We only need a copy of the passport. You will need to show a driving license when renting from us. And usually no deposit. Most important for us is your safety. Helmets are always included in the price. We also have a number of regular bicycles if you want to pedal around the village instead of driving.

Welcome to Quickrental in Kamala/Phuket

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